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Okay, there is no disputing the fact the lyrics these days leave little to the imagination and are quite vulgar in nature. But it’s up to the parents to decide who and what their children are exposed to from the airwaves to the television to the internet. Brown’s lyrics are no worse than some of the vile content heavy metal and goth bands record, so there’s smut in every genre of music. But does it make the race of the bands look bad as a whole? No.

Now, with parental guidance and silly lyrics having been acknowledged, let’s move on to the issue that Fox News argued when they interviewed Chris Brown concert goers. The point they were trying to make is: should Chris Brown be publicly celebrated after the altercation took place between him and his then girlfriend, Rihanna? Where were the smart people when they decided to ask these questions? Apparently, no where to be found. So here’s a smart answer to that question:

Well, sir. I was not there to witness what happened when the incident took place YEARS ago. And, quite frankly, it’s none of my business. That situation occurred in the private lives of two public figures and, unfortunately, today’s media takes no issue with violating the privacy of celebrities. Whatever happened between Brown and Rihanna is between them and the justice system. Seemingly, all parties have seemed to move on and Brown payed his debt to society, correct? It has nothing to do with his song/dance talent and his ability to entertain the masses. Thank you. Now GO REPORT SOME NEWS, please.