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Men love to see a naked woman, and women love for their men to marvel at her nakedness. But what about the men? Does he ever feel undressed with your eyes? Does he ever feel like you enjoy him in his birthday suit? If you do love your guy’s body, does he know it? If so, how? He would like to know just as much as you would. So really ask yourself: when’s the last time I told or showed my man how much I love his cute butt, or his amazing pecs and strong arms. Maybe you did in the beginning, but with time neglect to tell him as much as you once did, which is no good…because if you don’t someone else will. If you have been neglecting your man’s ego, here are some ways to stroke it … while he’s naked.

1.) Get Naked With Him – for no rhyme or reason. If your guy is fresh out of the shower or about to get in the shower, randomly get naked with him. Most men are very comfortable being in the buff so lay around without clothes for a couple hours and get to know each others body landmarks.

2.) Let Him Get Aggressive – accost him in a room and tell him he can’t leave until he gives it you. The words alone will excite him immediately and drive him to aggression, because you’ve basically told him to have his way with you. And how convenient, he’s naked already.

3.) Sneak Up On Him – the trick to this is you have to find a way to sneak behind him. Stand behind him and stroke his nature like he would when he masterbates. Whisper in his ear, ask him if this is what he does when he’s not with you, kiss his back and rub your breasts on him You can get really creative with this, but remember to take your time.

4.) Silent Sex – it’s all about catching him off guard. When you see him naked give the “f*ck me look” and slowly walk toward him undressing yourself, he’ll know exactly what your after. He may crack a joke or ask a question, but say nothing. Pull your panties to the side and sit on the counter or bend over it. Not only will it shock him, he’ll be so into you, you’ll have to pry yourself away from him.

5.) Masterbate for Him – this takes some balls ladies, but you’re a beast if you can pull it off. Watch him cross the room in all his nature, he’ll take notice to your stares. Tell him how sexy he is to you while you play with your nipples and bite your lips. Once you got his attention, pleasure yourself the way you would if you were alone and let him watch. More than likely, he’ll either join you or devour you before you finish.

6.) Fall to Your Knees – every man likes to know you adore his packing. The next time he’s naked, coyly shift your eye contact from his face to his package and make it obvious. Tell him you love it so much you have to kiss it, he won’t/ can’t resist some head action and catching him off guard will keep him thinking about you.

7.) Say Yes Please – this goes well with #6. Instead of diving right into the fellatio action, tease him some. Kiss him all over his chest and around his penis, even play with it in your hands and caress his body as you would while you orally please him. He’ll be waiting to feel your mouth on him, so much so, he’ll be begging. Ask him how bad he wants it and why…and make him say please.

8.) Spoil Him – most men love for you to be on top and since he’s in the nude, half the work is already done. Tell him to lay down or have a seat and assure him he doesn’t have to do anything, he should be gifted with low-maitenance sex every once in a while. Remember not to be boring, instead of the everyday face to face ride, turn around and let him watch.

9.) Get Rough – next time you catch your guy naked, give his buns a good solid squeeze. He may think your playing at first, but follow it up with a not so tender nibble to his chest. This takes some skill though, you don’t want to scare the man. Smile and giggle with it, make it playful, the poker face is no good with this one and may border psychotic. If you keep it upbeat he’ll strike back with the “How you like it if I did that shit to you?” That’s when you pull out your nipples and it’s over from there.

10.) Make it Quick – sometimes those quick sessions are just what you need. Every intimate encounter does not have to be long, drawn out and romantic. Sometimes you just have to get it in and move on with your day. As we all know, a man’s attention span can vaporize within seconds so make it quick! All you have to say is: “You want to have a quickie before you go to work?” And more often than not he’ll say yes and it’s over in 5-10 minutes. Ladies, he’ll appreciate you for sensual flexibility.

Ladies – the naked man manuscript … get a lil’ creative and put your own spin on it. He’ll love you for it!

-Kay Lattimore

Original archived article written by Kay Lattimore