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Hey ladies, you already know how difficult it can be being a woman and even more difficult being a woman in a relationship. It is no secret that with time people change, mind body and soul but basic principles remain. Ladies think: simple. Be it a man you’re dating or your husband, there are so many ways to keep the fire burning without having to bizarrely bend your body or swing from the chandeliers. While those things are exciting, men are simply practical, so keep it that way. Here are a few ways to keep your love life hot without being over the top!

Relax – if a man is with you and aroused, then you’re doing all the right things. Women are often too focused on the things that are wrong with their bodies when there are so many other features that are just right. Men don’t care about your barely visible stretchmarks or that you haven’t been waxed yet. More often than not, you’re pointing out flaws he hasn’t noticed, much less care about. And when you’re preoccupied with subtleties, you won’t enjoy yourself. Men are, in fact, visual so go out and buy a bra and panty set in his favorite color and be waiting for him lying across the bed in the new set … and a pair of heels. Great vision to start!

Be Simple – Sometimes the best way to get a rise out of your guy is to catch him off guard. Men are simple as beer and Monday night football. Take advantage of simplicity on those Monday nights and straddle him during a commercial break and grind on him. Or before the alarm goes off in the morning take advantage of his morning wood and give him some head action or ride him. Simple.

Find His Weak Spots – sometimes men don’t want to be the initiators! But there’s always that spot that will send a man through the roof with arousal. While you may know the nape of his neck is the default body landmark to get him revved up, there are many other places to explore. He’ll enjoy you searching for the spot that makes his spine tingle and by the time you find it, he’ll be ready to pounce you! Try behind the earlobes and the groin region, which is filled with nerved endings, his low back and the sides of his booty. Give his buns a firm grasp and pull him towards you. Use light caresses with your fingertips and moist lips around his neck and chest. Be sure to take your time with him.

Exclusive Oral Action – on a night when he’s particularly hot and ready for you, hold out! Tell him you’d rather give him some head (even if that’s not all you want). Shift the aggression, throw him to the bed and snatch his pants off. The arousal from your enthusiasm will have him prematurely curling his toes while he’s trying to figure out what just happened. Tell him you’re going to give him head all night and encourage him to relax. Taking your time is key, so start off slow and pay attention to his reactions to gauge what he likes the most. Bust out some flavored lube if it’s handy and set it up to where he really thinks orally pleasing him is all you want to do. By the time he climaxes the first time, he’ll be ready to attack you! Let him have his way like you had yours.

Revive Your Wild Side – this is not the easiest task, for some men are … well, slow. At times women should know when to simply say what they mean. No sugarcoating! If you have a guy who often says “why didn’t you just say that?!” Then he’s the guy you’ll have to say “come ____ me like a ___ in the ___.” But if you have a guy who’s more sensual and instinctually in tune, you won’t have a problem baiting him into some wild sex that leaves you both bruised and out of breath. Give him a good shove that borders pissing him off, say nothing and start stripping him down. He’ll likely respond by ravaging you against the wall and tossing you to and fro. Deliciously fun.

While the wilder more circus-act kind of loving is a visual orgasm in itself for men, sometimes keeping it simple is the sexiest thing a woman can do. Ladies, stop thinking so hard and remember that most often, less is more!

Original archived article written by Kay Lattimmore