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Fellas, did you know that most women know how to make themselves climax? Over the years, as a woman gets to know her body she can pretty much make herself climax on cue. Not to say that’s it not enjoyable, but more often than not, it’s work for her too. Given the nature of most women, she doesn’t mind the work she has to put in to have an orgasm, but sometimes you should treat her to one! Fellas, you know you can get off when you get some head and all you have to do is lay there. Woman normally enjoy pleasing their men is this way, but are you reciprocating? Do you know how to make woman climax on your own without any of her help? Most men would say they can, but more often than not, she’s putting in some work! That’s not to say that it shouldn’t be a team effort, but if you can get her off before you bust, she’ll be more than happy to return the favor! Check out these tips to give your woman the “Big O!”

Patience is key – you have to have patience in order to give your woman the maximum amount of pleasure. Tension or anticipation is readable body language and comes through in your touch. If you’re relaxed and focused on pleasing her, she’ll relax as a result. But if you’re rushed and racing for the end result, chances are she won’t loosen up enough to get in a zone. *Sidebar: lubes are fun, but unnecessary! A woman possesses all the natural juices needed to get warmed up, but you have to be patient enough to let it happen naturally.

Take the Lead – woman know what they want and what it takes to achieve the orgasm, and often times will shift into auto mode while engaging in the act. But every woman will allow her man to take the lead! Fellas, be vocal, tell her “no” if she tries to take control. Reiterate that you are the boss of this round and all she needs to do is be there and enjoy herself. She may try to fight you on this one if she’s a total control freak but any woman will buckle to her man’s aggression, so be firm yet gentle like an iron fist in a velvet glove.

Ease into the oral action – men should envision his woman’s flower as a precious gem, while you know where it lies the quest is an adventure! There are so many erogenous zones on a woman’s body so take your time exploring her body and pay attention to her bodily reactions so you’ll know where to grab or caress when she’s about to climax. But at the same time, stimulate lubrication by rubbing her clitoris while you breathe on her neck and tell her how good she smells and you how you can’t wait to taste her.

French kiss it – remember the clitoris is extremely sensitive, so be gentle! What you shouldn’t do, is dive right into jack rabbit mode with your tongue. This could, quite possibly, quickly kill all pleasurable sensation and prematurely end the session due to clitoral over stimulation. For starters, you want to take your time and kiss the erogenous zone the same way you would passionately kiss her lips and mouth. Make sure you moan too, the vibrations from your voice add to the sensation and lets her know you enjoy pleasing her. Let her set rhythm by taking a moment to be still and gauge how she rocks her body on your tongue and follow her pace.

Communicate – don’t forget women are creatures of emotion, so they need to feel connected to you in some way. Dirty talk is good. Tell her how good she tastes and how much you love to please her. Tell her how she turns you on and how you’re going to make her climax. Oral play is a very intimate encounter, so make sure you maintain eye contact.

Use your hands – while you’re engaging in the oral play, remember the parts of her body that were sensitive to your touch as sensations are heightened on every part of the body at this point. Grab at her waist and thighs, this will let her know you’ve been paying attention and you were aiming to do one thing: please her! he of course there’s the obvious, you can play it her clitoris while you’re down there, but it’s cool to switch things up!

Make it happen – when you start to get the feeling she’s about to climax, whatever you do, don’t stop! In fact, it’s best you quicken the pace a bit and keep doing exactly what your doing, don’t switch anything up orally! At most, a little nipple play will do the trick. But you’ll know she’s about to explode when her hips start to jerk and her back arches, along with the heavy breathing. You know you’ve hit the spot when you get the emphatic “right there” and see some eye rolling. If you achieve all of the orgasm signs listed above, which cannot be faked, then you’ve officially rocked her world.

Original archived article written by myself – Kay Lattimore