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Fellas, ya’ll know we love you! Macho-motor mouth and all. But do you know the art of seduction? Do you ever show your lady your “softer side?” Okay so the term “softer side” in no way depicts a sense of mannishness – given the name alone – but it works, guys. While you may be the man who can turn a woman out with your beastly bedroom tricks, it’s not always the route to a woman’s heart. Sure, manhood is often defined as the ability to display strength, endurance and stroke power, however, a man after a woman’s heart knows that he must stimulate her mentally and the physical will follow. Intimacy – the ability to make a woman weak at her knees at the sound of your voice or the feel of your breath on her neck and in her ears – sensuality, in itself, is one of the greatest turn-ons for a woman. Women crave closeness and partnership, so if you’re not serious about building a bond with a special lady, this list will mean nothing to you. Don’t go using these tips to simply get a girl “open,” there is such a thing called love karma. So fellas, ask yourself, are you into the smash down or are you into the building process? Are you leaving an impressive impression or are you simply soiling the sheets? Don’t forget women get bored too and in order to keep her, you have to show her more of yourself than your sexual prowess. Guaranteed, if you do this, your feet on the table and the Monday night football coma, can be easily overlooked if you bring your A-game every once in a while! Take a look at these tips to keep your lady’s interests peaked and always wanting you!

Pay attention – if you hear your girl say, “man, I’ve been craving Chinese.” Instead of a, “so why don’t you go get some,” say nothing, and later surprise her with a dinner date to a great Chinese restaurant. Or show up at her place with some carry-out and a good movie. Or pick up the ingredients from the grocer and print out some recipes and try to prepare Chinese together. This will let her know that you were listening and that you are willing to take the time to show her. Actions are greater than words.

Kissing – kissing is intimate and takes some passion. Nothing warms a woman’s heart like a good, slow kiss. You don’t always have to be in the throws of a love session to extend a nice lip lock, but be debonaire. Inch in closer to her and give her some steady eye contact. Cradle/caress her face, play in her hair and take it slow. Do you see? It’s not just a slob down, you’re sharing each other’s air, in essence.

Tease her – on those nights when you’re laying there in bed, try not to get it in! Try something else instead. Lay there with her her and give her some good strong touch and squeezes. The sense of touch is often overlooked in the bedroom. But don’t be so obvious, of course all the lady parts are fun to touch but make a point to put your hand on or across the parts of her body that turn you on. Tell her you love her legs or whatever it is! And don’t forget the kisses. She’ll eventually try and make the move but resist. Tell her you just want to feel on her … and watch what happens in the middle of the night or in the morning.

Communicate – more often than not, a woman will be the first to send the sexy text explaining what she wants to do to you, where and how, but beat her to it for once. Take it a step further and hit her up with a text first in the morning, tell her you miss her and can’t wait to see her again. Then midday, let the sexting begin. Now you’ve got her consumed with thoughts of you from morning until you finally see her later that night. Simple. Persistence and charm are surefire ways to keep her swooning over you.

Be spontaneous – take her somewhere that she’s never been and do something she’s never done before, for she will forever remember “that time we …” whether it’s a racing zone, a shooting range or a fishing trip – the point is she’s trying something new and different … with you. Or on a rainy day, convince her to take a stroll in the wetness. Sounds corny, but she would be completely obliged to take you up on it because it’s simply something you want to do … with her.

See fellas, it’s not always about the bedroom, lavish dinners or the amount of money you spend. Women are practical and simple too! Good old-fashioned time, attention and intimacy is all a woman could ask for from you … on a consistent basis. You don’t have to bust out the Romeo everyday, but go the extra mile sometimes and you will be the apple of her eye! P.S. this is not to be discontinued once you make things official … keep it up!

Original archived article written by myself, Kay Lattimore.