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Just when you thought bored, thrill-seeking college kid antics couldn’t get any worse … it did over the weekend. First is was ‘planking’ and that became boring in a matter of weeks. Then, there came ‘owling’ which went stale in a matter of days and now we have ‘batmanning.’

Planking or Owling? Forget about it.

Now, it’s “Batmanning.”

While the planking trend involved taking your picture in various places lying flat, “batmanning” is much more difficult–and possibly more dangerous. It involves hanging upside down, only by your feet.

A group of Purdue University freshmen claim to have started the trend late last month. They made a video that shows them hanging from various locations on campus–from parking garages, stadium gates and statues.

While it clearly requires much more athleticism than planking, some fear it could lead to serious injury. There were reports of people hurting themselves while lying flat, while planking. One can only imagine what could happen if people fall while hanging upside down.

A video posted by the Purdue students has gone viral, with over 400,000 views and has inspired numerous imitations

“If you do a Google search there’s a ton of articles (about the video), from the UK to articles in languages I can’t even understand. It’s definitely gone international,” Purdue student Chris Ganz told the Lafayette Journal and Courier.

Well now, we sure have come a long way since the days of crushing beer cans on your head and campus streaking. Can’t wait to see what’s next.