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Okay, anybody who watched the Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabby Douglas’, amazingly flawless performance last night was completely aware of how deserving she is to bring home the golds!

But why is it that just as soon as the sun rose, there was an assortment of headlines highlighting Be-yawn-ce’s grandiose congratulatory gesture for the young medalist? This is news?

Nevermind the fact that Douglas sparked a feeling of nostalgia within an assumed many – remembering that not long ago we watched Dominique Dawes collect her medals – and here we’ve got another star and we’re sharing the same moment years later! Some people sent an air hi-five. Others, took to twitter … but Bouncey? Instead of a simple tweet or even a bouquet of flowers to the young lady, she posted a personal note on her personal blog. See below.

While there is no doubt, Mrs. Carter meant any harm is she serious? “I can tell you’ve been working hard for so long – Enjoy this moment, its yours.”

IS it? Is it, really? Because now she’s sharing it with you by default. Furthermore, “enjoy this moment, its yours.” As if she’s insinuating “its yours” because I’m letting you have it – because you know the “moment” will be all mine again … tomorrow … when I change my nail color. Thank you, Bouncey. Thank you. Maybe this is a total reach but will she ever go away? For just ONE week and that lil’ girl shine?