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Well, well, well! Black people have been the butt of black people’s jokes for the longest! And what should be noted concretely is, even though things have been f*#ked up for us since we were forced upon the shores of the Americas, we get good, hearty, guttural giggles off the antics that are specific to our people. We are a Shakespearian people! We might not agree with every “nigga”move made but we can always find the comedy in tragedy!

Now, let’s flip that coin and see what happens when Bill Maher takes a few swings at the antics that are specific to his fellow, white brethren! Will they laugh? Will they cry? Will Maher be labeled a traitor? Whatever the case may be, since his late night talk show “Politically Incorrect,” Maher has been shunned for speaking the truth but mostly for calling out the shiftless operational tactics of the powers that be … who also happen to be white! Last night, he might have taken it too far for the paler Americans but let’s be honest – he spoke the truth and it was funny as hell! Thank Bill for “keepin’ it real.”