Meet Denise Helms, a Cold Stone Ice Creamery employee (a.k.a. a 47 percenter), who was fired when her Facebook status update went viral after President Obama’s re-election.

“Another 4 years of this (N-word),” Helms wrote on her Facebook Tuesday night. “Maybe he will get assassinated this term.”

While Helms is completely out of order and, quite frankly, disgusting she gets a standing ovation for her honesty. For Helms is not the only one who shares these sentiments towards our first African-American President elect. What she and her fellow counterparts fail to realize is people of color have been suffering the consequence of the white vote securing presidential elections … until now. It’s surely an uncomfortable position to settle into when folks like Helms believe it’s the brown nation’s quest to enslave whites or reduce them to a class of service providers. Heh, heh, well, Cold Stone is a good place to start and at least she gets, pardon, GOT paid. And now that we’re going to be downtrodden with the policies of the recently re-elected “nigger” President, Helms can enjoy the perks of collecting unemployment! Her blissful ignorance is nothing short of a fool with a loaded weapon to his temple … pull the trigger, already. Now Ms. Helms, would you collect all your likeminded colleagues and report to the chain gang 15 minutes early for your daily ration of cornbread and beans, please and thank you.

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