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Meet Holly Solomon – she’s one pissed off pregnant woman – reference the mugshot above. As if being pregnant and impatient isn’t enough of an excuse to plow over her husband with the family pick-up, couple that with the fool who’s honest enough to admit to his pissed off pregnant wife that he didn’t vote! C’mon now! Every once in a while it’s okay and, in this case, safe to bend the truth because in her eyes, “Romney lost all because of YOU, dear … YOU!” Not that Mr. Solomon’s vote in their residing state of Arizona would’ve made a difference since Mittens won it anyway …

Several people called 911 to report what they saw.

Operator: “911, where’s your emergency?”

Caller: “Um yes, this woman just ran down her boyfriend or husband in the parking lot here in Gilbert.”

Caller: “We saw it. Yeah, she ran him down.”

Operator: “OK. Hold on just a sec.”

Caller: “He needs help.”

Daniel Solomon remains in the hospital in critical condition. His wife faces aggravated assault and reckless driving charges.

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