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It’s a sad, sad day when Elmo and sex scandal meet in the same sentence – it’s just not right! Since when is Sesame Street no longer a safe place for kids? Surely, for many parents, the shock factor alone is creepy enough to read any farther than the headline. Once the shock factor depletes a little, perhaps the curiosity will creep in enough to skim through the incomplete details in disbelief. Is this true? Could the possibility exist? Could Kevin Clash, the voice behind the kiddie sensation Elmo, be a pedophile?

No matter how this story plays out Elmo, the red puppet that children ADORE by default, will be forever stained by this scandal, unfortunately! Even if the “allegations” do turn out to be “completely false” and the man in question who was a minor at the time of Clash’s initial advances “fabricated” stories about being sexually exploited by an adult is more than enough to soil the entire Sesame Warehouse brand.

Since we already know that Clash was disciplined by Sesame Workshop officials for “inappropriate use of company email,” and since he has already acknowledged having a sexual relationship with his accuser (according to Clash, after the younger man had already turned 18), the biggest revelation of this leak is that, even when he is talking about having sex, Clash is unable to tap out of the Elmo “I love you”/”dreams come true” mindset.

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