Okay … so I used to write for a very popular Black gossip blog that takes pride in bashing celebrities and exploiting their employees. While, I , personally, didn’t engage in any hearsay celebrity gossip write ups, I did draft several news and political stories and wrote the Sex and Relationships column on this particular website. I’m no stranger to the blogeshpere and once my ties to this unnamed website were severed, I couldn’t stop writing and reporting the on subjects that I felt people are interested in – mainly news, politics, life and love. In my opinion, Kim Kardashian x-raying her hind parts to show the world she has no implants is just NOT news and it will not take any sort of priority on this site … regardless of the number of hits a sensational piece of that nature may yield. However, if it’s not gossip but it’s news, then it will be reported. I believe we should want more of what matters and hopefully, I can fill the void! Wish me luck!

Feel free to e-mail me with any of your questions, comments and feedback- thekaydaily@gmail.com!

-Kay Lattimore


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